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General Breastfeeding Information
These breastfeeding-related apps are guidelines that can provide information on breastfeeding cues, tracking and troubleshooting help, but do not take the place of in-person lactation support from professionals. Be aware that some sponsored apps available from various sources only seek to promote their products. The coalition promotes evidence-based breastfeeding information and does not endorse any specific product. The breastfeeding-related apps listed below have been reviewed by the Central Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition members for reliable content that avoids commercial interest..
Breast Pump Information
Working and Breastfeeding
working mother breastfeeding baby
Medications and Breastfeeding
Please note: These books are listed as resources only, and are not necessarily endorsed by the Central MN BF Coalition
Children's Books Showing Breastfeeding
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Workplace Legislation for Breastfeeding

Disclaimer: All materials and information provided are for educational purposes only. If you have concerns regarding your health or the health of your child, consult your health care provider for individual medical care.